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Instructions for Registration

  • On the registration site, before proceeding with the registration, you are required to create a personal account by clicking on the button "I do not have an account" on the right-hand side.
  • After filling in your information at the bottom of the page, you are asked whether you have an accompanying guest in the social event, what is your registration category (student or not, workshop, main conference or both) and if you want to participate in the social event.
  • Once you have filled in all fields, please go to next page with the button at the bottom. After overviewing your registration, click "Submit".
  • You will receive an activation email allowing you to login to the website with your account.
  • By clicking on "My Registration", check that your registration choices are correct. Click on "Overview", and then click "Submit" or "Modify" to proceed to next step.
  • You can give details for the invoice and proceed with the online payment.
  • Please keep your "Transaction identifiant" and "Date of transaction" for EDAS use. Your process only is finalized once you have this information.

Description Early Late Can cover papers
Full Registration with Workshops $580 $680 3
Full Registration without Workshops $480 $580 3
Student Registration with Workshops $250 $300 0
Student Registration without Workshops $200 $300 0
One-day Workshop Only $190 $230 3
Student One-day Workshop Only $80 $100 0

Student Travel Grants

WiOpt 2018 will provide several travel grants for students presenting their work at the conference. This is possible due to the general support from the WiOpt 2017 (Paris) organizing committee. Here are the conditions to be eligible:

1) The candidate must be registered in a higher education institution as "student".

2) The candidate must be the co-author of at least one accepted paper in WiOpt 2018 or in one of the workshops of WiOpt 2018.

3) The candidate must attend the conference.

4) The candidate must present the work of at least one accepted paper for which he is co-author.

In order to apply, please send a file to and containing: 1) A CV, 2) A recommendation letter from the supervisor, 3) The list of accepted papers in WiOpt 2018 or workshops. The application deadline is March 15, 2018.

The allocation of the grant will be based on the quality of the CV, of the recommendation letter and will try to favour institutions seldom represented in WiOpt and women.

The final grant will be allocated based on justifications for the conditions 1-4 above and the presentation of banking account informations.

Technical Sponsors