The 11th International Workshop on Wireless Network Measurements and Experimentation (WINMEE)

June 15,  2020,

University of Thessaly

Call for Papers

The tremendous growth of wireless technologies and applications as well as the increasing number of radios demand an understanding of in-field performance to design the next generation of wireless systems. Complex channel properties such as multipath, delay spread, and Doppler effects prevent even the most complex channel models from exactly characterizing repeatable in-situ behavior. Abstract models of devices and energy storage, as well as emerging paradigms such as energy harvesting enabled systems, make estimation of system performance quite challenging unless supported by field experiments.

An understanding of paradigms and ideas in wireless systems requires the evaluation of these ideas in the field via empirical measurements. While analytical and simulation-based approaches are useful, they are often limited by the simplistic modeling of wireless protocols and devices and by the varying and error-prone wireless channel. As a response to these limitations, the need for experimental wireless network measurements has gained wide recognition in the networking research community.

WINMME 2020 is the twelfth edition in the International Workshop on Wireless Network Measurements and Experimentation series that began in 2005, and is intended to bring together researchers in the field of experimental wireless networking and serve as a forum for discussing advances and challenges in experimental wireless network measurements and experimentation.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Experience and measurements from building, designing and/or operating production or research wireless networks
  • Measurement and characterization of wireless network traffic such as WLANs, 4G/5G cellular networks (including smartphone and mobile application traffic characteristics), wireless home networks, vehicular ad hoc networks DSRC/C-V2X, cyber physical and sensing systems
  • Measurements related to spectrum sharing and cognitive radio networks
  • Methodologies for validating wireless test-bed results and improving the repeatability of tests, simplifying experiment setup and reconfiguration
  • Methodologies for measuring and characterizing heterogeneous wireless networks
  • Prediction and inference of user access, demand and mobility; estimation and prediction of energy availability
  • Automated wireless network life-cycle management in cloud environment (Example of relevant topics includes wireless network management, orchestration, CI/CD)
  • Realtime wireless network monitoring, control and coordination
  • Semantics and APIs for multi-access wireless networking
  • Measurement campaigns
  • Innovative measurement data formats, storage and processing solutions for large datasets and/or realtime datastreams
  When applies, authors shall provide a link to their measurement datasets.



Information for Authors

The submission has 8 page limit with IEEE format.

Important Dates

Paper submission

Notification of acceptance 

Camera ready

Workshop date

March 1, 2020



June 15, 2020


Workshop Chair:

Navid Nikaein, Eurecom

Abhimanyu Gosain, Northeastern University, USA,

Luhan Wang, BUPT, China

Publicity Chair:

Osama Arouk, Eurecom

Robert Schmidt, Eurecom

Technical Program Committee:​

Raymond Knopp EURECOM
Florian Kaltenberger EURECOM
Thierry Turletti  INRIA
Walid Dabbus  INRIA
Alain Mourad  InterDigital
Jose Alcaraz Calero  University of the West of Scotland
Qi Wang  University of the West of Scotland
Karl Holger  Paderborn University
Ivan Seskar  Rutgers University
Daniel Camps Mur  I2CAT
Anna Tzanakaki  university of Bristol 
Ray Chang  National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Terng Yin Hsu  National Chiao Tung University
Kobus van der merwe University of Utah
Ismail Guvenc North Carolina State University
Chadi Barackat INRIA
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